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How Baylor 2012 Can Effect the Waco Housing Market

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Nearly ten years ago, Baylor University launched, with gusto, its “Vision 2012” initiative — an ambitious attempt to push the university to new heights in just about every aspect of university work and life.
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So far, the plan has featured several successful initiatives, each of which can have a profound impact on Baylor real estate:

  • New buildings like the Athletics and Academic Center, the Baylor Sciences Building, a new basketball practice facility, Floyd Casey Stadium improvements, and the new Brooks Residential College games quiz.
  • Extensive, multi-pronged academic campaigns to join the top tier of the nation’s universities.
  • A new emphasis on international education.
  • Extensive new green spaces and walking trails.
  • The building of an endowment with a corpus of $2 billion, which will both make these sorts of ongoing commitments to success easier to execute throughout the future, and secure the university against unexpected financial challenges (like the recent recession).

New infrastructure and construction projects will boost employment in the area, and spur further private development in surrounding neighborhoods. New green spaces will improve life in local neighborhoods , making housing there much more attractive. New emphases on global education will increase movement in the local forex market, as students are less likely to stay in one place for three or four years (plus it will attract increased numbers of international students and boost prestige). New academic and athletic successes will make the university a more attractive place for both students and faculty. New museums, cultural attractions, and athletic facilities will draw regular influxes of visitors, boosting the surrounding ancillary economy and improving local neighborhoods.

Larger influxes of residents each year will increase demand on the housing marketing both immediately around Baylor University, as well as across the broader Waco area.

In other words, campus-area real estate is always one of the most secure, rewarding real estate investments you can make. Real estate around an up-and-up university like Baylor is even more exciting. Give one of our Waco real estate specialists a call for more information.